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Embarking on Your Martial Arts Journey with CCS: A Mosaic of Techniques and Wisdom

Welcome to the exciting world of martial arts at Cali Combat Systems! As you step into our dojo, you're not just joining a class; you're entering a dynamic realm where the philosophy of adaptability, efficiency, and real-world applicability takes center stage. Congratulations on taking the first steps toward honing your skills and unlocking the potential within.

Much like assembling the tiles of a mosaic, your journey with us involves exploring various martial arts experiences through our Phase Classes. In the ever-evolving landscape of martial arts since the days of Bruce Lee, we've witnessed a fusion of techniques and training methods, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Contrary to traditional beliefs, studying multiple arts simultaneously doesn't diminish your effectiveness; it enhances it. Each art contributes to the assimilation of others, creating a comprehensive skill set.

Your notebook will be your companion in this journey of constant evolution. The handouts provided are the blueprint, but your personal observations and insights are the keystones in learning this art. We encourage questions, experimentation, and, above all, friendly and safe training. The essence of this art lies in its adaptability, efficiency, and real-world relevance.

Our approach is structured around four categories of range, guiding you through the intricacies of combat:

  1. Kicking Range

  2. Boxing Range

  3. Trapping Range / Clinch - Standing Grappling Range

  4. Groundfighting

You'll explore a myriad of training methods and techniques in each range, gradually gravitating towards those that resonate with your body type, training time, and personality.

Unlike systems that rely on belt colors, we measure progress through "Phases." Progression from Phase One to Phase Two signifies a deep understanding of the basics outlined in the Phase One Guide. Your journey through Phases 1-6 depends on your interest, commitment, personality, and ability level.

Embedded in the Jun Fan system are the "Big Four" concepts:

  1. Absorb what is useful.

  2. Reject what is not useful.

  3. Research your own experience.

  4. Add that which is uniquely your own.

This philosophy encourages students to explore new ideas and movements, fostering creativity and individuality.

Our core curriculum encompasses various areas of fighting and self-defense, including:

  • Methods of Dealing with Weapons

  • Methods of Striking

  • Methods of Trapping and Manipulating

  • Methods of Grappling

  • Methods of Self-Defense

  • Methods of Attribute Development

From understanding body mechanics and proper form to grappling both upright and grounded, each facet builds upon the other, creating a well-rounded martial artist.

Throughout your training, fluidity is emphasized as you seamlessly transition from striking to trapping, grappling, and self-defense. The ability to adapt to any situation is a hallmark of our teachings.

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward a martial arts journey that not only builds physical prowess but instills a mindset of resilience. Embrace the mosaic of techniques, wisdom, and endless possibilities that await you at Cali Combat Systems!

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