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Evolution of Combat: Sifu's Journey and Training Philosophy

For over three decades, Sifu Jeramiah Giehl has honed his martial arts expertise, cultivating a unique approach that caters to a diverse clientele, including active Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals, and Civilians—many of whom are former Street Fighters drawn to the effectiveness and relevance of Sifu Jeramiah's methods in current Military and Law Enforcement practices.

Sifu Jeramiah's journey began in the gritty reality of inner-city life, where he faced over 35 street fights during his formative years. While not a source of pride, these experiences became the foundation for his practical and Street-Tested training philosophy. His extensive tenure as a Bouncer and Security Guard further enriched his understanding of real-world confrontations.

Transitioning from High School Wrestling to Taekwondo tournaments and eventually into briefly delving into underground MMA/smoker fights, Sifu Jeramiah's quest for effective techniques led him to disciplines like Trapfighting (Shoot Fighting/Catch Wrestling), Muay Thai, and BJJ/Judo/JuJitsu. However, real life encounters with "Mass Attacks" prompted a shift back to Self-Defense namely JKD, and Krav Maga, and weapons by blending elements of Kali/Krav Maga/BJJ, recognizing the need to address scenarios where traditional MMA formats fell short, thus the birth of what Sifu Paul Vunak calls Filthy MMA.

Sifu Jeramiah emphasizes the significance of training for Weapons and Mass Attacks in Self-Defense, challenging the notion that martial arts training solely for sport is sufficient. Incorporating Bruce Lee's philosophy, he employs JKD, Kali & Fencing principles, Grappling and Krav Maga, advocating for a comprehensive approach to Street Fighting.

Sifu Jeramiah acknowledges the varying environments people live in and tailors his teachings specifically for scenarios involving Robbery, Gangs or Violent Crimes. Inspired by Guro Burton Richardson's idea of "self-defense athletes," he adopts a mindset that blends the intensity of MMA training with the practicality of Self-Defense.

His training regimen encompasses Paul Vunak's Rapid Assault Tactics, influenced by his method developed for Seal Team 6, along with elements from Krav Maga, Gracie Combatives (Old School Self Defense BJJ), and Kali/Fencing. The focus is on Functional, Pressure-Tested combat that aligns with current Military and Law Enforcement standards, rejecting stagnant practices from decades past.

In Sifu Jeramiah's perspective, combat constantly evolves, necessitating a continuous adaptation of martial arts. As he aptly puts it, "Combat adapts when you become good at something; people train to overcome that, and thus martial arts will always have to adapt and change." Sifu Jeramiah's journey exemplifies the dynamic evolution of combat and the commitment to staying ahead in the ever-changing landscape of martial arts.

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