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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Here is an overview of our training program. You can click on the YouTube playlist for each category to see some videos from training that we regularly do. We have four main areas of training, which are:

  1. Kali-Silat Weapons,

  2. Jun Fan JKD Kickboxing,

  3. Jun Fan JKD Grappling, and

  4. Retzev Combatives (Self-Defense / Mass Attack).

Following are a set of playlists you can click on to view based upon category within the curriculum structure.




Self Defense

In addition we offer seminars. Here are some Seminars we Offer:

Here is an overview of our Phase 1 - Level 1 Curriculum:

If you like what you see here schedule and appointment to come train with us in person, in a group class, private training sessions or online virtual training sessions.

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