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. Imprint the book and put a lock on it. I had a troubled sleep after this, and my dreams were very strange. The King of Castile was complaining of an ache in his back, and prayed for a physician. The King of Naples was taking a bath, and had a burning sensation. The King of France was suffering from a toothache and complained of much fever. The King of Poland could not sleep for thinking of all the past misfortunes. The King of Naples was confined to his chamber by a black and bloody flux, and, when he was lifted up on a couch, he died within the hour. The King of Spain was at play with dice. I saw a girl, whose hand and lips were well proportioned, and her face more beautiful than her brother's. I saw, as I thought, many more beautiful women, as fair and well dressed as this one, but they were all alike. All of them were pitying me, and looked at me with such sweet and pitying eyes, that my heart filled with grief and I do not know what to say about it. The King of France was playing chess with the King of Poland. The King of France had just been able to checkmate his opponent, but he was so happy that he was rejoicing, and his eyes were so shining, that he seemed the very spirit of joy, and he danced. The King of Poland appeared in a state of great anxiety. He said to the King of France that his life was in danger, and he said to the King of Spain that his death was near at hand. They were all locked up in a room, where they had been playing, and they were still locked up when I awoke. I heard great noise and uproar in the castle. I dressed, and went to a window to see what was happening. They were carrying out the bodies of the King of Naples and the King of Poland. They were accompanied by priests and monks. They placed the body of the King of Naples on the bier, wrapped in cloths, and with a cushion beneath it. They brought the body of the King of Poland, in his night-dress, and placed him on a table. They stripped him, and found that his body was covered with black spots, which, if one looked on them closely, were very apparent. He was a very young man, not more than twenty-two or twenty-three years of age. When the King of Naples was dead, the King of Cast



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