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Accomplished Black Belt Martial Artist & Instructor in Multiple Martial Arts.

Sifu Jeramiah teaches "Contemporary JKD & FMA (Progressive Fighting Systems), Inosanto-Lacoste Kali, Maphilindo Silat, Panantukan "Filipino Dirty Boxing," Jun Fan Gung Fu (Chinatown JKD), Jun Fan JKD Grappling  (Combat JuJitsu, ShorinJi Ryu JuJitsu, JFJKDGA, KinaMutai) and Israeli Krav Maga (KMF-AC) as well as Active Shooter Defense, NEW (Updated) Rapid Assault Tactics (Clinch & Ground), Military Edged Weapons and Escape To Gain Safety - Women, Children's Self Defense. In each class he teaches elements of Reality Based Weapons (Blunt & Edged Combatives), Empty-Hand Self-Defense, Clinch-Fighting, Mass Attack and Gun Defenses."

A Little Bit About Sifu's Story

Growing up on Garfield Street in the Hood and then later moving near Libby Lake in Deep Valley Oceanside (near the Back Gate of Camp Pendleton) the reality of real world Self-Defense was pressed upon him by real life situations. Having to defend himself against bullies and gangsters. It seemed that prison yard rules applied anytime there was a new kid they would pick a fight to prove they were tough they would pick on the skinny white kid with glasses thinking he was the easiest target. Having learned early on with my first David versus Goliath bully type moment my Father said "if they push you push them back. If they push you again hit them in the nose." He found that big guys run off crying with a bloody nose. Problem Solved. "White and Nerdy" with glasses was scrappy and not a push over. He became known as a brawler through no fault of his own. Some times he didn't want to fight and took a beating not hitting back. He never started these fights, mind you. His father said "if you start a fight I'm gonna whoop that as-"tronomical projection and his dad was no joke. He was a former Marine and being raised by him was like bootcamp at times. Sifu Jeramiah tried to avoid fights if possible. One of the reasons he later took up Martial Arts was not to only defend himself against the violence but to regain his confidence. He was able to regain his self confidence and was able to become a better person through Martial Arts training. Martial Arts changed his life for the better. He found he no longer had the need to respond to violence with violence using verbal Jeet Kune Do.

Flash-Back To (the) 80's 

Even before he had started training in Martial Arts formally he had begun self study. In the late 80's he had purchased the Tao of Jeet Kune Do which he credits for changing his life. The philosophical Bruce Lee teaches he posits are the underpinning of his own personal life goals and motivations. He feels the teachings of Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto have liberated him and giving him a different more open minded path. Soon after he picked up the VHS tape Bruce Lee's Fighting Method with Ted Wong and Richard Bustillo along with the four book series Bruce Lee's Fighting Method. The perks of being young and employed. He went out and purchased a Speed Bag, a Heavy Bag and other training equipment and started training the stances and footwork he was learning im the video and books. It was quite liberating. Having had previous experience having been known as a street fighter


The Karate Kid - AKA "Ninja Boy"

Sifu states that "In High School Martial Arts training helped turned my life around." He further states that his story truly is similar to the “Karate Kid.” His Martial Art Instructor allowed him to work cleaning the dojo and helping teach kids classes to pay for training. Now he has become an exceptional Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor. He has many years of Martial Arts Instruction experience. He is giving back for what Martial Arts did for him as a youth. He did Wrestling for a year in High School. He started teachingTaekwondo at Family Karate Oceanside, at the YMCA in Vista and a Gym in Fallbrook in 1995. He was also the Vice President of the Martial Arts Club and he also trained in Aikido at ECHS. He got his Recommended Black Belt in Taekwondo in 1996 while working Part Time. In High School he got the nickname "Ninja Boy." After learning Martial Arts he found he didn't have to fight the insecurity that lead to the jittery / jumpiness or the need to defend ones ego no longer existed. Its interesting how learning to defend yourself can remove the need to defend yourself over the insecurities that lead to fights. Martial Arts can change your life. 


Enter the UFC

Soon after watching the UFC he started training in Mixed Martial Arts via Muay Thai, Trap Fighting (an offshoot of Shoot Fighting) and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Having had experience doing Wrestling in High School he was able to do well against Blue and Purple Belts in BJJ. Pummeling them throwing them to the ground and quite often putting them in Leg Locks or Ankle Locks to their chagrin. He eventually started training in Krav Maga in 2003 after getting stomped on the throat during a Midnight Fight while he had a guy in a Rear Naked Choke because the guys friend jumped in and stomped on his throat. It wasn't regulated. It was a free for all, more of a smoker / bar room fight kind of situation. Since then he started training in Various Krav Maga and Haganah systems before getting back into Jeet Kune Do. The idea of Mass Attack / Multiple Opponents pulled him up off of the ground. He found the ground wasn't total supremacy and reflecting back on his Street Fighting days it seemed overlooked in Ground and Pound. Grappling is effective and very useful just not an end all in the Street however it leaves out Weapons and Mass Attack. And having come from the Street the reality of a Mass Attack was more important than Submission. Knowing submissions is important to being a complete fighter. Position before Submission is a crucial part of Jiu-Jitsu but when someone is kicking you in the head from behind of hitting you with a bat your position or submission is now useless. You need to know all ranges of combat and also include weapons and mass attack if your want to be prepared for the street. This experience moved Sifu away from an exclusively MMA Sport experience. He was being pushed and encouraged to fight in MMA fights but his teeth had been cut in the street so a cage with padded hands and rules that cut out weapons and multiple opponents wasn't the reality he was training for. It wasn't real enough. Its good to have athletic conditioning and be skilled in stand up and ground combat. Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are essential components of the Filthy MMA Matrix used in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do. They are not the totality of combat. There is more to surviving a street fight. The Asymmetrical Tactics of KinaMutai, Straight Blast, Eye Gouges, Groin Shots and other Dirty Tricks not allowed in MMA


He however experienced a work injury to his low back. While recovering he was on lots or pain medicine under the doctor advice to not drive. Despite the advice he ended up in a Car Accident that re-injured his low back. This caused chronic low back pain he deals with to this day. As could be imagined, this took the wind out of his sails and took him down a dark path for a while. 


BEAT Downs

During this time he experienced an attempted mugging / robbery while in a shady part of South Phoenix by a group of six guys. He fought them off. He got punched in his glasses, smashed into his  face (he has a scar above his right eye), one of the guys tried to use Jiu-Jitsu take him down attempting to pull guard. He pounded him into the ground while remaining standing. He fought them off as they pounded on him and he pounded on them and they each ran off. Eventually he was standing there alone. Half of his face was covered in blood. He couldn't see out of his right eye. Sore. Hurt. The last man standing. Hurt like hell. Alive. He had stood his ground. He had to go to the hospital and get stitches. This was his wake up call. At this point he started to get back into Martial Arts. He felt out of shape and unprepared despite the outcome it seemed like a complete failure to him.


Time To Get Up

He was soon training in Krav Maga regularly again and teaching PE (a Blend of TKD and Krav Maga) to a class of K - 3rd Graders at Shalom Montesorri. He soon was working on getting his 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo again as an Adult to prove he could while overcoming the pain and life changes from having gained weight and having developed Asthma. He was also training in Warrior Defense Krav Maga with Master Anthony Langren. He also started training in Warrior Kali (Tri-V PTK) with Tuhon Apolo Ladra at this time. He got his Level 1 Instructor in ATA Krav Maga (now TAC Krav Maga) under Chief Master Longoria. He started teaching Lee's ATA Warrior Krav Maga at Lee's ATA Tempe. Always the student. He was also training at the Phoenix JKD Academy in JKD, Kali and BJJ with Shahram Moosavi. He was also teaching Krav Maga at Chabad of East Valleys Men's Club.As well as training with Michael Akitoshi Stinson in Gracie Combatives.


Fight Back

He become the official Head Coach of the San Diego Chinatown JKD (Jun Fan Gung Fu) and started the Official Study Group January of 2017. He also trained with Sifu Tim Tackett and received the Senior Second Level Student Rank at the recommendation of Sifu Mike Blesch. He started training under Master Alain Cohen in Israeli Krav Maga and became a Level 1 - Civilian Instructor as well as completing the Law Enforcement Control Tactics Certification.  He also began training with Guro Burton Richardson in BJJ For the Street and Silat for the Street.


Give Back

He began teaching Chinatown JKD at a gym that requested his expertise. Soon they asked him to help teach classes at the UCSD Recreation Center teaching JKD / Kali. In 2017 he started training with Sifu Paul Vunak at the International Military Edged Weapons Conference where he was made Phase 1 Instructor and given his Military Edged Weapons Certification and Rapid Assault Tactics (Ground & Clinch). He started training with Sifu Paul Vunak in Oceanside on a regular basis. He began teach JKD and FMA at the local gym upon their request. He received his Stick Certification (Single and Double Stick) in DFA Kali-KunTao Silat under Guro David Seiwert. 


Get Back Up

He started the Cali Combat Systems Training Group in 2017 and has trained Civilians, Stunt Actors, Law Enforcement, Military and Security Professionals who have graduated and moved on to their Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, Stunt  and Security Jobs utilizing the Practical and Realistic Tools and Tactics taught in their Real Life and Professional Environments.

Keep The Blade Sharp

He has continues to train as a Martial Arts Instructor. "Keeping the Blade Sharp" is important to him. He has trained with Guro Dan Inosanto in JKD, Kali and Silat, Sifu Francis Fong in Wing Chun and Guro Burton Richardson in JKD, Kali, Silat, BJJ and MMA on as many occasions as he can travel to IAMA or any Conference he can make that they are teaching. He has also trained with Guro Daniel Sullivan in Dirty Boxing, Silat and Muay Thai. He has also trained with Guro Ron Balicki in JKD, Kali & Silat.


Pay It Forward

He has also taught an After School Program at Kavod Charter School where he begun adapting the Progressive Fighting Systems Jeet Kune Do Jr Dragons program and trying to modify it to meet the requirements of the school. The program blends elements of Jeet Kune Do, Tae Kwon Do (mainly forms for warm up), Kali (empty hand skills and Jedi training) and Krav Maga since the school also had Israeli and Jewish population. The kids love it. And it was good to watch the kids grow. He also continues to teach Adaptive Martial Arts to clients who need it. 

Train With The Best To Be The Best

Sifu continues to train with Sifu Paul Vunak in Oceanside every chance he gets. I recently got Certified in PFS Rapid Assault Tactics (Clinch & Ground). He also travels to Marina Del Rey to train with Guro Dan Inosanto as often as he can. And he makes every opportunity to train with Guro Burton Richardson as often as is possible. Sifu continues to teach, train and take on new students. This list will continue to grow as sifu continues to train and teach. Join us. 

Come Train With Us

If you are interested in training authentic Jeet Kune Do with direct lineage from Sigung Bruce Lee, Kali-Silat directly from Tuhon Dan Inosanto and Israeli Krav Maga with direct lineage from Imi Litchenfeld contact us to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.



  • Full Instructor in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do & FMA / Kali under Sifu Paul Vunak

  • Full Instructor in Military Edged Weapons under Sifu Paul Vunak

  • Full Instructor in Rapid Assault Tactics (Clinch & Ground) under Sifu Paul Vunak

  • 1st Dan Black Belt in Shorinji Ryu JuJitsu under Sensei David Tice

  • 1st Dan Black Belt in Combat JuJitsu under Sensei David Tice
  • 1st Dan Black Belt in Harmonious Fist KunTao under Guro David Seiwert

  • 1st Dan Black Belt in Songahm Taekwondo under Master Anthony Landgren

  • Associate Instructor in the Jun Fan JKD Grappling Association under Sifu John Doty

  • Affiliate Instructor in DFA Kali-KunTao Silat under Guro David Seiwert
  • Instructor Level 1 (Civilian) in Israeli Krav Maga under Master Alain Cohen
  • Instructor Level 1 in ATA/TAC Krav Maga under Chief Master Longoria

  • Instructor Level 1 in Harmonious Fist KunTao under Guro David Seiwert

  • Instructor of Double Stick in DFA Kali-KunTao Silat under Guro David Seiwert

  • Instructor of Single Stick  in DFA Kali-KunTao Silat under Guro David Seiwert

  • Instructor of Knife Defense in DFA Kali-KunTao Silat under Guro David Seiwert

  • Level 5 Professional Grappler under Sensei David Tice

  • Level 4 in Karambit in DFA Kali-KunTao Silat under Guro David Seiwert

  • Senior 2nd Level Coach in Jun Fan Gung Fu (Chinatown JKD) under Sifu Tim Tackett

  • Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Professor Barry Jenkens


  • Law Enforcement Control Tactics under Master Alain Cohen

  • Active Shooter Defense with FEMA & DHS - EMI

  • Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents in Schools, Higher Education, and Houses of Worship with FEMA & DHS - EMI

  • Knife Offense in DFA Kali under Guro David Seiwert

  • Warrior X-Fit / Cage Fitness Coach /  Fitness Kickboxing under Chief Master Michelle Landgren-Lee

  • Visual Communication - Graphics Design Certificate

  • Small Business Planning Certificate / Developing a Business Plan Certificate


  • Guro Dan Inosanto in LaCoste Kali, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Regino Ilustrisimo, Mixed Silat, Maphilindo Silat & Majapahit Silat

  • Guro Burton Richardson in Battleground Kali, Knife Defense For The Street, BJJ For The Street, Clinch For The Street & Silat For the Street

  • Guro Daniel Sullivan in Inosanto-LaCoste Kali, Harimau Silat, Panantukan, Jun Fan JKD & Muay Thai

  • Guro Ron Balicki in Jun Fan JKD, Inosanto LaCoste Kali, Lameco Eskrima, Harimau Silat, Mande Muda Silat, Knife Fighting & Stick Fighting

  • Tuhon Apolo Ladra in Warrior Kali (Single Stick & Double Stick), iKali Combat Blade & P3 Live Hand in the Tri-V System of Pekiti Tirsia Kali

  • Master Anthony Landgren in Warrior Kali, Knife Defense, Warrior Krav Maga & ATA/TAC Krav Maga

  • Shahram Moosavi in JKD, Kali & BJJ

  • Dan Rizzuto (M1 Action Design) in Catch Wrestling

  • Michael Akitoshi Stinson in Gracie Combatives

  • Randy Couture in Wrestling / Dirty MMA

  • Ajarn Roger Luri in Muay Thai

  • Nicolas Saignac in Savate

  • Active Shooter & Long Gun Training with Tactical Combat Medicine with Pete Hardy, Rick Smith & Shawn Thornton

  • Active Shooter Training with Sifu Don MacGuire

  • Defense Against Attacks in Tubular Environments Trains, Buses, Large Trucks, Airplanes, Hallways & Hostage Scenarios with Darren Levine


  • JKD • Kali-Silat • Submissions Grappling • Israeli Krav Maga Instructor for CCS Martial Arts

  • JKD Jr Dragons After School Program Director at Kavod Charter School

  • JKD-Kali Kids Instructor

  • UCSD Rec. Center Instructor (JKD-Kali)

  • Chinatown JKD Instructor / Chinatown JKD Study Group San Diego - Head Coach

  • Krav Maga Instructor - Chabad Mens Club of the East Valley

  • Assistant Instructor for Active Shooter Training with Master Anthony Landgren

  • Krav Maga Instructor at Lee's ATA - Tempe

  • PE Coach at Shalom Montesorri (K-3rd Grade)

  • Assistant Taekwondo Instructor / Taekwondo Instructor at a YMCA & Gym / Taekwondo Kids Class Instructor

  • Anti-Drug & Anti-Gang School Assemblies

  • Personal Trainer

In Other News... Sifu is Multi-Talented

He is also a Public Speaker with experience speaking at Social Media and Music Entertainment related events ie. New Media Expo, All Eye On Me Achievement Awards, Texas Announcers Guild and more... He is Content Curator and Writer with experience as a Freelance Photographer for National News Organizations, Blogger and Ghost Writer with Experience providing content to BlogCritics, Technorati, New Media Expo, Blog World, Technorati, Marital Bliss and more... As well as an eBook Publisher i.e. Bruce Lee's Impact On Mixed Martial Arts and more...

Below you will find a slideshow off many of Sifu's Seminal Experiences...

Posing with 5th Dan Krav Maga Master Ala
Here is a Group Photo of the 12th Annual
Had a good time doing funtional Knife an
Had a great time training with Sifu Paul
Training the Lop Sao Cycle Drill with Si
_Mama said.jpg.jpg.jpg Knock you out
Lets get it..
Training with Krav Maga Federation Instr
Posing with my escrima sticks
I'm ready for The Walking Dead to return
This is probably exactly how I would loo
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