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Learn to fight in all ranges, learn the 8 simple tools and our "pain-pressure-terminate" formula which has made Jeet Kune Do the most effective most sought-after, and most feared Martial Art on the planet!  Learn this easy to use "system" which will teach you to come out on top against almost any opponent.  This is a course which Sifu Paul Vunak has developed for people who don't have a lifetime to devote to the art of Jeet Kune Do. This program makes you a formidable foe no matter what training your opponent has.


Fight in all ranges!!

5 Ranges: 

  • JKD Range (the Brim of Fire): when the opponent can't hit you with any tools and must MOVE to you first.

  • Kicking Range: the extension of the foot

  • Punching Range: the extension of the jab

  • Trapping Range: all the deadly tools: head butts, knees, elbows and arm wrenches.

  • Grappling Range: fighting on the ground, locking, flipping, throws, chokes, wrestling, etc. (most fights end up here)


The Most Important Tools!


You may not know much about this course, but the SEALS, FBI and CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams do.


Now, with the release of this incredible elite military fighting system, you can easily "take down" trained boxers, Karate masters and street thugs much bigger than you... even if you've never been in a real fight before in your life!  This "simplified" hand-to-hand system is so treasured by the soldiers and police and federal agents who need to rely on it.

There are no complicated moves! In fact, in this "basic" system, there are only 8 moves total! You don't have to be quick, or coordinated, or even in decent shape!  All the deadly power comes from extensions of the way your body naturally moves.  You don't need to train constantly to become a master of this system!  The SEALS, the cops, the agents... none of them have time to waste in training.  Plus, just as importantly, there is no formality, no religious nonsense or bowing or wearing odd uniforms in this system!  It is not martial arts - it is a simplified fighting system that goes beyond the street smarts any martial art could ever offer you!


In this course Sifu Jeramiah reveals the "unfair" fighting secrets that can defeat even the "top 10%" of world-class street-fighters!  If you would like to learn fighting secrets hat give you an "unfair" advantage over even the most elite street-fighters in the world, then this intensive training will absolutely change your life forever!  Just knowing these secrets will put you in an entirely new category of fighter, no matter what your previous experience is, mastering them can make you virtually undefeatable in hand to hand combat!  This program will help you to "bee line" straight for the most vulnerable part of your opponent... how to quickly force any violent attacker (even someone twice your size) into complete and utter submission... the 8 most brutal and devastating - yet utterly simple to master - "human appendage" tools any fighter could hope for! And the secret way to "combo" yourself into a machine-like force that cannot be stopped... the one basic secret of winning street fights that almost no street fighter knows about!... and TONS more!


Even better, SifuJeramiah will ALSO reveal the secrets of fighting against an armed attacker.  This stuff will really separate you from the "wanna be" fighters out there!

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