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Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Inosanto Kali & SIlat

Krav Maga

JKD Kickboxing

Submission  Grappling


We teach Bruce Lee's Contemporary Jeet Kune Do & Kali Combatives. Contemporary JKD is a Street Evolved Scientific Combat System which specializes in Realistic Self-Defense training in Stand-Up Fighting, Close Quarter Combat, Ground with Biting and Eye Gouging including training in Edge Weapons, Blunt Weapons, Projectile and Multiple Opponent Engagements. Learn Active Shooter / Mass Casualty / Gun DefenseFirearm Disarms, Military Edged Weapons, the New Rapid Assault Tactics (Clinch & Ground) as developed for Seal Team 6, KinaMutai / Asymmetric Tactics to Level any confrontation and Law Enforcement Control Tactics (taken from Krav Maga and BJJ)

We offer Practical Self-Defense training and Weapon training for Men, Women, Law Enforcement, Military and Security Professionals in the arts of Fight Rhythm Jeet Kune Do | Kali-Silat Motion / Integrated Ground Fighting Systems | First to Fight - Israeli Krav Maga. This includes Defense against Multiple Opponents and of course Weapons. We train for the Four Main Realities of Self Defense: Stand-Up (Kicking, Punching), Integrated Grappling (Clinch, Trapping & Ground), Weapons (Offense-Defense) and Multiple Opponents (Mass Attack) to prepare you to protect yourself.


We offer Semi-Private Small Group Classes and Private Personal Training Sessions in Bruce Lee's Contemporary Jeet  Kune Do & FMA, Inosanto - LaCoste Kali, Maphilindo Silat, Panantukan, Thai Boxing, Jun Fan JKD, Savate, Jun Fan JKD Grappling and Israeli Krav Maga. We offer a great alternative to the standard personal trainer or executive fitness training. Offering lessons in Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning and more. Sifu Jeramiah is more than qualified to help you with your Martial Art fitness and Personal Training goals. He has been training and teaching Martial Arts since the early 90's. He has been Certified to teach Contemporary JKD & Kali, KunTao Kali-Silat, Chinatown JKD, Combat JuJitsu, ShorinJi Ryu JuJitsu, Israeli Krav Maga, Rapid Assault Tactics (Clinch & Ground), Military Edged Weapons, LEO Control Tactics, Cage Fitness, Warrior X-Fit and Fitness Kick-Boxing.

​Our Head Instructor is a highly qualified Black Belt Instructor in multiple Martial Arts with many decades of experience. He is an active PFS / DOM Full Instructor in Contemporary JKD & FMA under Sifu Paul Vunak. He is an Associate Instructor  in the Jun Fan JKD Grappling Association under Sifu John Doty. He is a 5th Levell Professional Grappling Trainer under Sensei David Tice. He is a Instructor in Israeli Krav Maga under Master Alain Cohen. He is Certified Coach in Chinatown JKD under Sifu Tim Tackett. He is an Double & Single Stick Instructor in DFA Kali-KunTao Silat under Guro David Seiwert. He also holds Black Belts in Shorinji Ryu JuJitsu, Combat JuJitsu and Songahm TKD. He also holds certifications in Active Shooter Defense / Mass Casualty Events, Law Enforcement Control Tactics, Rapid Assault Tactics (Clinch & Ground), and Military Edged Weapons. He started teaching Martial Arts in 1996. Experience includes:

  • JKD|Kali|JuJitsu/Krav Maga Instructor

  • After School Program Director

  • Kids JKD|Kali Instructor

  • UCSD Recreation Center Instructor

  • Active Shooter Defense Instructor

  • Krav Maga / Self Defe