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CCS's Multi-Phasic Method Curriculum

In each class, we cover various elements, from Impact Weapons (Sticks) and Edged Weapons (Knife) to Sensitivity Drills (Trapping/Hubud), Focus Mitt Drills (Boxing/Panantukan/Jun Fan/Thai/Savate), and a range of Stand-Up techniques (JKD Kickboxing, Panantukan, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Savate), transitioning seamlessly to Grappling (Combat JuJitsu, Catch Wrestling, BJJ, Dumog/Silat/KunaMutai). Gun Defense is also incorporated into our comprehensive training approach. Our primary goal is to enhance your fitness while ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout the process, all with the ultimate aim of empowering you to return home safely.

In our Phase classes, we delve into the ranges of combat, teaching students how to fluidly navigate each one: Impact Weapons Range, Edged Weapons Range, Kicking into Hand Range, Hand Range into Close Quarter Trapping and Clinch Grappling Range, and Close Quarter Trapping Range into Grappling or Ground Fighting Range. This emphasizes the importance of understanding and seamlessly transitioning through the different ranges of combat. Our training places a strong emphasis on 'Combat Flow' across the Three Main Ranges: Long Distance (Weapons Range, Blunt Weapons Range, Edged Weapons Range, Kicking Range), Middle Distance (Hand Range), and Close Quarter (Trapping Range, Clinch Range, Grappling Range). We teach the effective use of weapons for offense, counter-offense, and re-counter offense, embracing the philosophy that 'defense is the other guy's problem' (Tuhon Apolo Ladra). Gun disarms and the proper handling of firearms are also integral parts of our curriculum.

Movement is universal, and our classes reflect the understanding that no single style or system encompasses everything. Students learn practical techniques applicable to specific situations, opponents, and contexts. Our curriculum, developed for both Multiple Opponent scenarios (dealing with Three Opponents) and Single Opponent confrontations, enhances students' situational awareness and encourages the use of everyday objects as tools ('Weapons of Opportunity') for self-defense. The training evolves students into well-rounded individuals with enhanced attributes such as timing, speed, balance, agility, and confidence. We keep our classes small to provide personalized attention and foster individual progression.

Join Us!

Cali Combat Systems offers an integrated course schedule based on Guro Dan Inosanto's Phase Method Classes. This engaging and challenging class forms the foundation of your development within CCS. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace, focusing on fitness, self-discipline, and coordination while enjoying the learning process. Our curriculum covers six core fundamental methods essential to our system: Jeet Kune Do, Inosanto-LaCoste Kali-Silat, Submission Grappling, and Israeli Krav Maga.

Blended Arts Phase Program:

Our development program consists of six phases and various sub-levels. The initial four phases are curriculum and knowledge-based, while the last two are personal development phases. Progression through Phases 1-4 is determined by your level of interest, training time, personality, and ability. These phases focus on body mechanics, endurance, sensitivity, coordination, and technical foundations. As you advance, a strong foundation for advanced growth is established, emphasizing high-percentage, highly functional basics in each art. The goal is to read and respond to your opponent's offense, structure, and energy without conscious thought, fostering natural and fluid movements.

Phase Method 1: Alpha Training Group - Sticking to the Nucleus [Basic Training]

Tailored for individuals with no experience, this foundational class prioritizes developing quality body mechanics, basic self-defense tools, and cardio conditioning. Through three essential student phases with four levels each, students progress over approximately six months at each White Rank Level. The focus is on cultivating sensitivity, coordination, and foundational skills.

Phase Method 2: DevAlpha Training Group - Liberation from the Nucleus [Sensitivity Training]

Entering Phase 2 marks the journey to intermediate-level proficiency. This phase introduces more sophisticated and technical aspects of each art, covering fundamental sensitivity, the 5 ways of attack, full-contact sparring, basic grappling, weapon defense, and close-range tactics. Hand and foot trapping, limb destructions, and wrenches are incorporated, with an emphasis on developing kinesthetic sensitivity.

Phase Method 3: Delta Training Group - Returning to the Original Freedom [Functional Training]

In this phase, integration of arts, ranges, and techniques is emphasized. Students adapt to real-world situations, improving their sense of distance, timing, rhythm, and flow. Adaptive learning and the ability to respond naturally to diverse opponents, styles, speeds, and ranges characterize this phase.

Phase Method 4: Omega Training Group - Becoming Jeet Kune Do [Expert Training]

Adaptation to the changes required by the arts becomes visible in this phase. Students' musculature, body motion, and overall abilities improve significantly. This non-stop action phase flows seamlessly through the spectrum of arts, where either Jeet Kune Do becomes the practitioner or the practitioner becomes Jeet Kune Do.

Jeet Kune Do Status: The Ultimate Goal of Martial Arts is Self Expression!

The pinnacle of Jeet Kune Do is the expression of oneself honestly and positively through martial arts, adding a personal touch to the practice. As Bruce Lee emphasized, 'Using no way as way' and 'having no limitation as limitation' become reality. Achieving the ultimate goal involves honest self-expression, a state of emotional contentment, and the development of skills and game plans over years of training.

CCS Phase Method provides a structured and comprehensive approach to martial arts, guiding individuals through various phases of development. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, our goal is to empower you with practical skills, foster self-expression, and ensure your safety in real-world scenarios. Join us on this exciting journey at Cali Combat Systems!

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