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CCS's Street Safe Program: A Shortcut to Unparalleled Self-Defense Mastery

Embark on a transformative journey with Sifu Jeramiah as he unveils the revolutionary Street Safe Program, a condensed yet supremely effective hand-to-hand combat system derived from the legendary Jeet Kune Do. Crafted by Sifu Paul Vunak, this program is designed for individuals who seek formidable self-defense skills but lack the luxury of a lifetime devoted to martial arts.

Master All Ranges:

Dive into the intricacies of fighting in all ranges, exploring the five essential dimensions:

1. JKD Range (Brim of Fire): Strategic movement when the opponent must approach you.

2. Kicking Range: Extending the reach of your foot for effective strikes.

3. Punching Range: Utilizing the jab as an extension for precision.

4. Trapping Range: Unleashing deadly tools such as head butts, knees, elbows, and arm wrenches.

5. Grappling Range: Navigating ground combat with locks, flips, throws, chokes, and wrestling.

The Vital 8 Moves:

Discover a simplified yet potent system with only eight fundamental moves. Unveil the secret tools that have earned acclaim from elite forces such as the SEALS, FBI, CIA, and SWAT teams from various police departments.

Elite Military Fighting System:

Easily overpower trained boxers, Karate masters, and larger adversaries with this elite military fighting system. This "basic" hand-to-hand combat system requires no constant training and derives power from the natural movements of your body.

No Complicated Moves, No Formality:

Bid farewell to complicated techniques and formalities. In this streamlined system, simplicity reigns supreme. No need for constant training, coordination, or stringent physical fitness requirements. Embrace a fighting system devoid of religious rituals, bowing, or peculiar uniforms—an art that transcends the constraints of traditional martial arts.

Unfair Fighting Secrets:

Unlock the "unfair" fighting secrets that can turn the tables against even the top-tier street-fighters. Elevate your combat skills to a new category, making yourself virtually undefeatable in hand-to-hand combat.

Fighting Against Armed Attackers:

Delve into the secrets of fighting against armed attackers, setting yourself apart from mere enthusiasts. Sifu Jeramiah guides you through techniques that will distinguish you from the crowd of aspiring fighters.

Change Your Life Forever:

This intensive training program is not just about learning self-defense; it's a life-changing experience. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to swiftly force any violent attacker into submission and emerge as an unstoppable force in street fights.

Transform into a Machine-Like Force:

Learn the secret ways to "combo" yourself into a machine-like force that cannot be stopped—the fundamental secret of winning street fights that eludes most street fighters.

Fight Smart, Fight Safe:

Stand out from the crowd of "wanna be" fighters by mastering the 8 most brutal yet simple "human appendage" tools. Arm yourself with techniques that will redefine your approach to self-defense, making you a smart and safe fighter in any situation.

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