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Exploring our 3 Laws Safe Program: Introduction to Law Enforcement Control Tactics and Use of Force

In the realm of Law Enforcement Control Tactics, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, and Law Enforcement Combatives, our system unfolds a specialized training program designed for Police Officers, Special Guards, Bodyguards, Security Guards, and Security Agencies. The Law Enforcement Force Continuum Program is meticulously crafted to empower officers with Anti-Terrorism Techniques, Weapon Disarming Techniques, Takedown Techniques, Arresting Techniques, Submissions, and more. This holistic curriculum spans the entire spectrum of the Force Continuum, from Basic Verbal De-Escalation to Level III Combatives for Exigent Circumstances (Life or Death). We distill the best techniques from Elite Forces like the Navy SEALs and the Israeli Defense Forces, ensuring practical and pressure-tested effectiveness tailored for local Law Enforcement and Security Professionals.

Introduction to LEO Control Tactics: A Law Enforcement Officer's mission is to "serve and protect," emphasizing the responsibility to uphold the laws of the land. Unlike soldiers operating under Rules of Engagement that grant the right to kill, a civilian, including a Law Enforcement Officer, should prioritize self-protection and protecting the people and the law. Our emphasis lies in simplicity, utilizing the body's natural instincts and reflexes in a "fight or flight" situation, transforming them into effective self-defense techniques. We immerse students in realistic reenactments, preparing them to operate under the stress of combat.

Rapid Assault Tactics: Derived from the Navy SEAL's hand-to-hand combat system, the RAT integrates seamlessly into our Law Enforcement training. Founded by Sifu Paul Vunak, a world-renowned martial artist, Progressive Fighting Systems draws from Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and Kali, evolving to include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Thai Boxing. Utilized by elite forces like the US Navy SEALs, DEA, CIA, FBI, and global police agencies, we equip officers with potent hand-to-hand combat skills within a short training period.

Israeli Krav Maga: As the official Hand-to-Hand Combat System of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), Krav Maga is the preferred choice for the U.S. Military, FBI, CIA, and Law Enforcement agencies. Developed for military combat training, Krav Maga stands out as one of the most realistic self-defense systems globally. Our LECT / LEDT & LEC programs are adaptable, modified to suit each situation, emphasizing the appropriate Use of Force.

Force Continuum Program Overview: Our Force Continuum Program navigates the Ranges of Combat, teaching students to flow seamlessly through Long Distance (Defang the Snake Range), Middle Distance (Sumbrada Range), and Close Quarter (Hubud Range). By focusing on Combat Flow, students develop proficiency, awareness, and abilities within a relatively short period. We prioritize practicality, teaching what works in specific situations against particular opponents, and how to adapt techniques to fit legal parameters.

Program Curriculum Highlights:

  • Analyzing Use of Force: Categorizing force into six levels for situational recognition.

  • Control Tactics: Instructor development on attack management and subject control.

  • Handcuffing: Tactical speed handcuffing for immediate subject control.

  • Pressure Point Control Tactics: Maximum control with minimal effort.

  • Joint Locks: Maintaining control over cooperative subjects.

  • Defensive Tactics: Reflexive reaction to a physical attack without firearms or impact weapons.

  • Vascular Neck Restraint: A researched and approved system offering an alternative to deadly force.

  • Impact Weapon Combatives: Effective use of the straight baton with a focus on nerve motor points.

  • Performing Under Stress: Unique training methods to improve emotional and physical responses to danger.

  • Practical Application: Adaptable techniques and drills for law enforcement, security, and military scenarios.

Our Law Enforcement seminars, conducted in group settings or one-on-one, offer a specialized curriculum that prioritizes the ability to perform under stress, scale use-of-force appropriately, retention of techniques, and practical effectiveness. We empower officers with the skills needed for confrontation management, de-escalation, conflict resolution, and efficient handling of various aggressive scenarios. Through our tailored program, officers gain the confidence and proficiency required to navigate the complexities of law enforcement and security roles effectively.

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