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Exploring the Diversity of LaCoste Kali: A Comprehensive Journey Through 12 Areas of Mastery

In the realm of martial arts, LaCoste Kali stands out as a multifaceted and intricate system, encompassing a rich array of techniques across 12 distinct areas. Each area serves as a testament to the comprehensive and holistic nature of LaCoste Kali training, covering a broad spectrum of weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, and even extending into mental and spiritual dimensions. Let's embark on a detailed exploration of the 12 Areas of LaCoste Kali.

1st Area - Solo Baston (Single Stick)

This foundational area focuses on single-weapon proficiency, encompassing a variety of implements:

  • Single Stick

  • Single Sword

  • Single Axe

  • Single Cane

2nd Area - Doble Baston (Double Stick)

Expanding into the realm of dual-wielding, practitioners delve into the art of double weapons:

  • Double Stick (Double Olisi)

  • Double Sword

  • Double Axe

3rd Area - Espada y Daga (Sword & Dagger)

Mastery of combining stick or sword with a dagger showcases the art's versatility:

  • Stick and Dagger (Olisi-Baraw)

  • Cane and Dagger

  • Sword and Dagger

  • Sword and Shield

  • Long and Short Stick

4th Area - Doble Daga (Double Knife)

This area delves into the intricacies of wielding two daggers simultaneously:

  • Double Dagger (Baraw-Baraw)

  • Double Short Sticks

5th Area - Daga (Single Knife)

Centered on single-dagger techniques, practitioners refine their skills in close-quarters combat:

  • Single Dagger (Baraw-Kamot)

  • Single Short Stick

6th Area - Dulo Dulo (Kabuton style weapon)

Exploring palm stick techniques and unconventional weaponry:

  • Palm Stick (Olisi-Palad)

  • Double end Dagger

7th Area - Pangamut, Kamot-Kamot or Empty Hands (Filipino Dirty Boxing)

A comprehensive exploration of empty-hand combat, covering various disciplines:

  • Panatukan (Boxing with Elbows)

  • Panadiakan or Sikaran (Kicking with Knees and Shin)

  • Dumog, Layug, or Buno (Grappling and Locking)

  • Ankab-Pagkusi (Bite and Pinch)

  • Higot-Hubud-Lubud (Close-range trapping and sensitivity exercises)

8th Area - Long Weapons (Staff)

Focusing on the mastery of longer-reaching weapons:

  • Staff (Sibat)

  • Oar (Dula)

  • Paddle (Bugsay)

  • Spear (Bangkaw)

  • Spear and Circular Shield

  • Spear and Rectangular Shield

  • Spear and Sword/Stick

  • Spear and Dagger

  • Two-Handed Methods (Heavy stick, Olisi Dalawang kamot and Regular stick)

9th Area - Flexible Weapons (Nunchakus, Sarong)

An exploration of the art's adaptability with flexible and unconventional weapons:

  • Sarong

  • Belt or Sash

  • Whip (Latigo)

  • Rope (Lubid)

  • Chain (Cadena)

  • Scarf, headband

  • Handkerchief

  • Flail (nunchucka) Olisi Toyok

  • Tobak Toyok

  • Yo-yo

  • Stingray Tail

10th Area - Hand Thrown Weapons (Tapon-Tapon) (Knife or Axe Throwing)

An emphasis on the art of precision and timing in throwing various objects:

  • Spear

  • Dagger

  • Wooden Splinter

  • Spikes

  • Coins, Washers

  • Stones, Rocks

  • Sand, Mud, Dirt

  • Pepper, Powder

  • Any object that can be thrown

11th Area - Projectile Weapons

Delving into the use of long-range projectile weapons:

  • Bow and Arrow (Pana)

  • Blowgun (Sumpit)

  • Slingshot (Pana Palad)

  • Lantanka (Portable Cannon)

  • Modern include Hangdun, Shotgun, Riffle, Assault Riffle

12th Area - Additional Training

Beyond physical techniques, LaCoste Kali acknowledges the importance of holistic development:

  • Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Training

  • Healing Arts

  • Health Skills

  • Rhythm and Dance

  • History, Philosophy, and Ethics

7 Ranges of Combat

Understanding the diverse ranges in combat, covering:

  • Projectile – Gun

  • Throwing – Knives, Dirt, Change

  • Hand-Held Weapons – Blunt, Edged

  • Kicking

  • Punching

  • Trapping – Clinch

  • Grappling

In essence, LaCoste Kali transcends traditional martial arts boundaries, providing a comprehensive and adaptable system that caters to practitioners seeking a holistic martial arts experience. Whether it's mastering diverse weaponry, refining hand-to-hand combat, or delving into the realms of mental and spiritual training, LaCoste Kali stands as a testament to the richness and diversity within the world of martial arts.

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