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Gearing Up for Greatness: Your Essential Martial Arts Equipment Guide at Cali Combat Systems

Stepping onto the mat at Cali Combat Systems transcends the initiation of a mere fitness routine; it's embarking on a journey of self-discovery, discipline, and ultimately, empowerment. However, before unleashing that first punch or kick, a fundamental element lays the foundation for a safe and rewarding experience: your gear. When it comes to training in martial arts, prioritizing safety is paramount. Investing in quality gear not only enhances your training experience but also ensures you can train safely and go home safe after every session.

While the thrill of throwing strikes might tempt you to grab the cheapest equipment available, remember: your body, your training, and your progress deserve better. At Cali Combat Systems, we understand the significance of quality gear in elevating your martial arts experience, and we firmly believe in the adage "you get what you pay for." Forget the old "penny saved, penny earned" adage when it comes to martial arts gear. While cheap equipment might seem tempting, it's a false economy. While the initial cost difference between cheap and durable gear may appear marginal, the long-term benefits of investing in quality equipment far outweigh the expense. Opting for inexpensive gear can lead to frequent upgrades, resulting in unnecessary expenses and potential safety risks. Hence, it is prudent to select gear that aligns with your budget while enduring the test of time. Therefore, it is wise to find gear that not only fits your budget but also stands the test of time.

Building Your Basic Arsenal:

As you step into the CCS dojo, consider the following fundamental equipment recommendations which are indispensable to kickstart your martial arts training journey with us. As you enter the CCS dojo, consider this your essential "starter pack":

  • Pair of Two Rattan Eskrima Sticks: Your partners in flow drills and footwork practice. Opt for durable wood over flimsy alternatives that crack under pressure.

  • Set of Two Training Knives & a Karambit: Hone your close-quarters skills with dedicated training blades. Prioritize safety with blunted edges and secure grips.

  • Training Gun: Develop realistic weapon handling and disarming techniques with a safe, yet functional training tool.

  • MMA Gloves with Open Thumb (4 oz): These versatile all-rounders are perfect for hitting pads, clinching, and light sparring.

Choosing durable versions of these items ensures longevity and effectiveness.

Level Up Your Glove Game:

As you progress in your training, so should your glove game. Having the right gloves becomes crucial especially when sparring. Consider investing in two pairs of Gloves:

  • MMA Gloves or Open Thumb Gloves for Hitting and Clinching.

  • 14/16 oz Boxing Gloves for Sparring.

When sparring intensity ramps up, dedicated boxing gloves provide superior hand protection and impact absorption. Using sparring gloves for hitting pads and bags as well can wear down your gear. So having two sets of gloves is something you should consider investing in.

Essential Sparring Gear:

When it's time to step into the ring demands more than just technique, additional gear is necessary to ensure your safety and maximize your sparring experience. Gear up for safe and satisfying sparring with the following equipment:

  • Heavyweight Boxing Gloves (14-16oz): The extra padding protects both yours and your partner's hands during intense exchanges.

  • Shin Guards: Shield your lower legs from kicks and accidental contact with a snug, shock-absorbing fit.

  • Mouthguard: This essential piece protects your teeth and jaw from the unexpected. Choose a comfortable, well-fitting one that doesn't hinder your breathing.

  • Protective Cup: For men, this crucial guard adds an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

Properly equipping yourself ensures a safer and more enjoyable sparring experience.

Essential Stick Fighting Gear:

Mastering the art of stick fighting requires specialized gear:

  • Helmet: Choose from FMA, Saber Fencing, or HEMA options, depending on your chosen discipline. Prioritize comfort and protection against accidental strikes.

  • Stick Fighting Gloves: Hockey, Lacrosse, or Sword/Stick Fighting Gloves offer optimal grip and hand protection for safe and effective stickwork.

Boosting Your Training:

Elevate your sessions with versatile training tools:

  • Focus Mitts: Perfect for honing your striking accuracy and developing hand-eye coordination. Choose sizes and padding levels that match your skill level.

  • Thai Pads: Build your kicking power and precision with these durable leg targets. Invest in a variety of sizes and angles to challenge yourself.

  • Belly Pad: Add an extra layer of protection to your core during partner drills and clinch work.

Invest in Yourself:

Remember, quality martial arts gear is an investment in your safety, training progress, and overall enjoyment. Choosing the right equipment isn't just about avoiding bruises; it's about building confidence, empowering your journey, and paving the way for a lifetime of martial arts success.

In the pursuit of successful and safe martial arts training with Cali Combat Systems, the importance of quality gear cannot be overstated. By carefully selecting and investing in durable equipment, you not only ensure your safety but also contribute to a more effective and enjoyable training experience.

So, step onto the mat at Cali Combat Systems, armed with the right gear and an unwavering spirit. We're here to guide you on your path to greatness, every punch, kick, and block along the way. Remember, the right gear is an investment in your martial arts journey and overall well-being.

Join the Cali Combat Systems community and experience the difference that quality gear makes in your martial arts journey!

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