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The Desert Diet - How To Eat Like A Caveman

The Passover Plunge Diet

How To Eat Like A Cave Man

A Paleo - Mediterranean - Allergy Elimination Style Diet

How I Lost Over 40 LBS

Break the Fast

The Morning Meal (Is It Necessary)??

  • Trip to Spain

  • You can see the difference in lifestyle / activity and how they eat by just watching people in the Airport versus how people in the Airport look here

  • When They Eat

  • 10 am breakfast (not a Meal tea & biscuits, coffee, light snack, fruits, veggies, cheese)

  • 2pm - 4pm lunch and Siesta (large Meal)

  • 8 pm dinner (10 pm - 12 am best time)

  • Big Meal versus Small Break-theFast / Intermittent Fasting vs Small Breakfast

  • Eat Only Fresh Fruits & Vegetables and / or Fruit Shakes before Lunch

  • Active Outdoor Lifestyles / Walk Places / Walk Often even Daily / Hike Weekly

  • Long Restful Lunches for good Digestive Health

  • Take Naps / Take Time to Rest / Be Mindful of the Time

  • Good Water is Key / Stay Hydrated / Drink Plenty / Drink Often

  • Many National Holidays / Vacation Weeks and Less Work Hours

  • Leads to a Less stressed Lifestyles and Better overall Healthy Living

The Passover (8 Day) Diet | Don't Die-At-It In The Wilderness

  • No Leavened Bread / Cut the Carb intake / no Chametz

  • Bread

  • Pasta

  • Pasties

  • Oatmeal

  • You can eat Unleavened Bread / Matzo / Matzo Ball Soap

  • Avoid Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats, and Spelt sometimes Bean's and Rice as well

  • Fresh Fruits / Vegetables & Protein with Every Meal

  • Eat Clean Fresh / Whole Foods

  • Don't Eat Fast Food that is Deep Fried in Oil / Grease / Highly Saturated Fats

  • Avoid Processed Food's

The Keys to a Paleo / Mediterranean Diet

  • Eat Fruits & Vegetables along with a Protein (Lean Meat) at Every Meal

  • Eat Nuts, Legumes & Seeds (Chewing / Chomping good for Brain Simulation)

  • Eat Vegetables (Broccoli, Kale,

  • Eat Meat (Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, etc...)

  • Eat Fish (Fresh Water Fish, Salmon, Trout, Haddock, Tilapia, etc...)

  • Cut Out / Cut Back / Reduce Complex Carbohydrate Intake

  • Which process like alcohol and sugars, are addictive and cause bloating and weight gain

  • Cut out Sugar / Replace butter with Healthy Fats (Olive Oil and Canola Oil, etc)

  • #1 cause of obesity, process like alcohol, are addictive, create mucus and increase allergies

  • Fat is Healthy and Necessary (Certain Healthy Fats, Trans Fats, etc…)

  • Keto diet begins to be bad for liver after 90 days studies show

  • Eggs are a good Source of Protein (Get Free Range, Pastured, Omega-3)

  • Shop the Outside of the Supermarket (Fresh Fruits, Vegetables & Meats)

  • Avoid the inner aisles full of processed foods, sugar, and carbs

Components to an Allergy Elimination Diet (2-3 Weeks)

  • Eat Clean / Fresh Produce Whole Food / Fruits & Vegetables (no Citrus or Nightshades)

  • Eat Red Meat (Cold Cuts) / Eat Fish (Fresh water fish preferably)

  • Drink Dairy Substitutes (Coconut / Rice Milk (non-sweet) / Water / Herb Tea)

  • Use Olive Oil (Cold Pressed), Flax Seed Oil, Coconut Oil / Fresh Herbs & Spices

  • Cut out Dairy / Milk / Cheese / Ice Cream / Creates Mucus, Increase Allergies

  • Same with Sugar / Honey / Syrups / Agave Cut it Out because it increases Mucus

  • Cut out Starchy Foods (Bread, Gluten, Potatoes, Pasta) / Cut out Pork

  • Avoid Tomato Paste / Pasta Sauce / Nightshade Vegetables / Sauces / Relish

  • Avoid Alcohol, Black Tea and Caffeinated Soda / Avoid Desserts and Chocolate

  • Avoid Breads / Pasta / Wheat / Gluten increase inflammation, pain, fatigue

  • Avoid Fast-Food / Processed Food / Butter / Hydrogenated Oil / Margarine

  • Avoid things that are Acidic / Citrus Fruits / Avoid Nuts, Seeds and Corn

  • Avoid Shellfish / Seafood / Avoid Soy / Cayenne / Paprika

Putting It All Together

Under the advisement of my Dr and Wellness professionals I took on components of a Paleo / Mediterranean Diet along with Allergy Elimination Diet and combined it with components of the “Jewish" tradition of Passover I dubbed the “Passover Diet” with elements of Healthy Eating principles I've learned through years of Martial Arts and Personal Coaching / Sports Medicine. I successfully lost over 40 lbs simply by changing my diet. Due to asthma and other health issues I wasn't able to couple it with exercise like I would have preferred. Any diet is best when coupled with a program of fitness at minimum of 3 days a week at 30 minutes up to 50 days a week at 60 minutes. Changing your shopping, eating out and home meal prep habits can change your metabolic intake.

  • Make the Passover Diet a Way of Life

  • Eat Like a Cave Man

  • Eat Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts

  • Eat Protein (Lean Meats and Fish)

  • Eat Fresh

  • Eat Clean

  • Shop the Outside of the Supermarket

  • Avoid Allergy Inducing Foods

  • Avoid Processed Foods

  • Avoid Fastfoods

  • Avoid Caffeine

  • Avoid Alcohol

  • Some Fat is Healthy

  • Cut the Carbs / Breads / Leaven

  • Cut the Dairy

  • Cut the Sugars

  • Cut the Starches

  • Cut out Salty Foods

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