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Understanding Training Isolated Moments and The Element of Surprise

Here is a video I want you to watch to help you understand a key concept of training:

When we are training it isn't helpful to think of all the ways you can counter a move when we are first learning it. The first time you use a move you have the element of surprise. Once you understand how to do a move later we can work on counter and counter counter response. It's important to being cooperative during the training sessions to learn the lesson and how to apply. Skills are added layer by layer. The more time spent on how can I counter it instead of how can I do it is lost training time.

Also I recommend turning off the YouTube and training more. People get an overload of information and even false ideas of what works and doesn't from YouTube it's kinda a method of self brainwashing because we pick what we see and also tend towards our own biases.

As Bruce Lee said it's better to come as an empty cup.

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