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Coaching Through The Phase 1 Level 1 Test

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Testing Procedure: Rest up for the day of your fest. Get good sleep the night before. Drink plenty of water.

We will test on Technical portion the Sets individually as follows:

Double Stick:

  • Abecedario 4-6-6-4-4-6 Walking Drill (Kob Kob, High High, High Low, High Low High, Downward Ikis, Upward Ikis, Kob Kob),

  • Tri-V Pekiti Tirsia Abakada 12 Count,

Single Stick:

  • Tip Up Deflections - Inside Deflection (to Hit Body, Hit Leg, Hit Hand),

  • Inside Disarms - Snake (Basic, Resisting Opponent, Removing Hand Check),

  • Hubud,

  • Break In / Break Out,

  • Outside Deflections to Hit Hand, Thrust to Body, Hit Shoulder,

  • Outside Disarms - Snake (Basic, Grab Punyo Strip, Grab Punyo to Snake Strip)


  • 8 Count Amerra,

  • 3 Count Sak Sak Thrust Set


  • Stalemates, into

  • CCS Scarecrow Template

Boxing Combos:

  • 1,

  • 1-2,

  • 1-2-3,

  • 1-3-2,

  • 3-2-3,

  • 2-3-2,

  • CCS 4 Count - 1-2-3-4

Jun Fan Kickboxing:

  • Biu Gee - Side Kick,

  • Round Kick - Back Fist,

  • Front Kick - Cross,

  • Lead Straight - Front Kick

  • 3 Parries vs 3 Straights

Thai 4 Counts:

  • Lead Thai Kick, 2-3, Rear Thai Kick

  • Rear Thai Kick, 3-2, Lead Thai Kick

Wing Chun:

  • Pak Sao from reference point and

  • entering BDA

  • 4 Wrist Locks out of Pak Sao and Lop Sao


  • Tarik Kapala Throw

  • Tukalow into Safe Get Up

  • Basic Silat Shoot the Tunnel Sweeps,

Jun Fan JKD Grappling:

  • Pummeling

  • Breakfalls - Backwards

  • Throws: O-Goshi, Osoto Gari, Ankle Pick

  • PFS MMA Flow

Jun Fan Gung Fu Sets:

  • Ung Moon 1st 5 Moves

  • Jun Fan Mook Jong Sets # 3

Krav Maga:

  • Gun Disarms - Outside (Basic, Safety Position, Forearm Release)

Group class portion will begin remember slow is smoothe. This is all about technique and form.

When sparring remember the Brim of Fire, be outside of range use JKD to enter or make opponent enter, manage your Fight Rhythm (distance) use Interceptions and destructions to enter ABC or SDA, PIA, HIA, ABD, etc...

You will do 3 x 5 Min rounds of Sparring. Remember deep breathes in through the nose, relax, slow is smoothe, form and fluidity. Use correct fight measure, distance and timing. Pace yourself.

Round 1 will be Focus mitts or Sparring live the combos Rounds 1-5 of the testing material make up

Round 1 we've been working on Sparring is better than focus mitt. But can only use combos I call out and nothing else.

*Then 1 minute break drink lots of water.

Round 2 is Technical (Isolation) Sparring using Combinations we've trained on the mitts or I will call out or list below. The 1st will be Hands only ie..

JCH / JHC 2 or CHC / HCH or I call at J v J or C v C vice versa or CSS 4 Count Call Out or 3 Parries vs 3 Straights 2nd Feet Only: Hook Kick (Round Kick), Side Kick, Front Kick, Scoop Kick, Stop Kick 3rd specific Hands and Feet Combos: Biu Gee - Side Kick, Round Kick - Back Fist, Front Kick - Cross, Lead Straight - Front Kick 4th 1st half mix it up using only what we used in 1-3 and 2nd half use Biu Gee and Jeet Tek to Intercept Opponents Jab - Cross and Kicks 5 end with 2 on 1 sparring 50 - 75 % speed don't get in middle stay on outside, stack em

*Then 1 minute break drink plenty of water and breathe

Round 3 Defang the Snake 1st Single Stick 2nd Knife 3rd Double Stick 4th Double Knife 5th Mix it up - One Stick One Knife...

Rest. Instructor will score... drink water...

Regular class will continue... For a while maybe

At the end of class

Round 4 Survival Round Contemporary JKD and FMA putting it all together 1st Round Wall Drill / Cage Drill 2nd Nut Cracker Straight Blast Drill (Seal Team 6 Straight Blast Drill) 3rd Free Spar using all Technical Sparring 4th Stick & Knife 5th 1 Opponent Gun Disarm & 1 Opponent Knife U Drill

And your done...

You had 4 Rounds / Technical Fights what did you learn? Not what did you earn. What did you learn? Think about your experience.

You should be able to see how everything I've taught you brought you to this point. And those 4 fights you should be able to take those and continue to grow but also see that. This was about more than just doing some drills in the park.

That is the plan.

Train the material. Focus on form and structure. Take your time and flow. Don't worry about power you have plenty. Relax and let it flow.

You'll do fine.

I've done this kind of drill a few times. Almost everytime I go to train with Paul Vunak. Last time I trained he did the day 1 Seal Team 6 training with me that he does and did with them. So yeah. You can say that you instructor was trained by Paul Vunak who trained Seal Team 6 for 4 years straight and continues to advise and train when they come to San Diego to train...

This is the real I hope you get out of this test what you are looking for. And I hope your training with me has helped you go where you wanted to go.

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