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Similarities Between Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do

First and foremost any effective training will focus on "resisting opponents with progressive resistance." It is too important to be realistic so that you aren't teaching stuff that is dangerous and could get somebody hurt. A person in fight will never hold their arm out, they will retract and resist and fight. So if there is no resistance it's not realistic and it can get you killed. "Drills build skills" but sparring and resistance help "build adaptation to actual conflict." Repeat that over and over. Krav Maga does a great job teaching a Stress Inoculation training drills utilizing Stress Drills, Fatigue Drills, and Awareness Drills to prepare your body for the stress of a fight I have seen this element missing in some of the JKD circles. Progressive Fight Systems includes Stress Inoculation Drills and Killer Instinct Development. Situational Awareness is something both systems include in their curriculum. JKD adds Kinesthetic Awareness (awareness of your body and your opponents) through Sensitivity Drills that can help with "adaptation in a fight" especially when dealing with live weapons, like knives or Impact Weapons. There is great danger of a fixed block versus a knife attack and the benefits of fluid Cross Body Blocking with the U-Drill (Tapi Tapi). Both JKD and Krav Maga are "philosophy" based arts and are eclectic Martial arts. Many include Muay Thai and BJJ in their curriculum. Some add Kali to supplement their training as well. "Retzev" constant aggressive forward motion is a principle both share. The use a similar simple ready stance to Bai Jong. Krav Maga is similar to the Athletic Fighting Stance taught by some JKD Instructors. The use heal toe rotation on punches. They use inside deflection / punch which is an inward parry / split entry. They don't use the same terms.

Both arts focus on Knife / Gun / Stick Defense. One key difference in a lot of JKD that does Stick / Knife and Gun defense, you will see a lot more offensive use of weapons in JKD namely the use sparring, i.e. "Defang the Snake," and using the 5 Ways Of Attack as Bruce Lee adapted from fencing and the fencing style thrust. Some JKD practitioners utilize Kali to become more proficient in knife fighting. I've seen some Krav Maga schools do this to a lesser degree, they tend to be more defensive. I find the JKD guys to be more offensive with the use of weapons in general, there are exceptions to any rule. If you can show your students Functional Knife / Stick Offense it's good. So try to show them practical offensive knife drills with resistance and sparring. Same with stick.

It's good to learn the Defense to Scenarios as a oh shit I messed up. Krav Maga starts a lot of it's defense behind time in a "position of disadvantage." JKD tends to try to start ahead of time with the distance and use of Interception / Stop Hits and when we incorporate Kali we included Destructions. Fight Rhythm and Fight Measure are key concepts in JKD to mitigate risk and be able to Intercept. I look at it as a green light, yellow and red zone. Red Zone is the Brim of Fire we done let people in Jeet Kune Do if someone is in the Green Go Zone of actively moving into a fight I'm aware. If they move to Yellow I'm alert and ready to Intercept or Destroy the Initial Movement. Once they enter Red Zone it's Blitz Blast time (aka Straight Blast time) in Krav Maga they use Hammer Defense (a type of Hammer Fist Blast) or Combatives. And then we Terminate with HKE (Head Butt, Elbows, Knees) or they Finish with strikes, elbows and knees). KM and PFS use a similar formula. Except we have a no go zone and we prepare to engage and Attack the Attack or Defang the Snake. They train from a "position of disadvantage" and teach "situational awareness but I have found some Krav Maga don't drill it enough. They drill from the "oh shit I messed up" zone a lot more. JKD emphasizes Attacking Before (Offense), During (Counter Offense) and After (Re-Counter Offense).

Guro Burton Richardson's BJJ for the Street / High Performance Krav Maga is excellent Gun and Knife tactics based in BJJ, JKD and Kali. Nir Maman is a solid practitioner of Krav Maga. I have a multi-level curriculum we could go through based in the different systems I've listed. I've trained in quiet a few system though. Always look for training stuff that's combat and pressure tested. The R.A.T, Knife Offense and Stick Offense are important elements to add. Stuff that uses Contested Grappling and Progressive Resistance is key to real world survival.

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