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David Versus Goliath (How to fight larger opponents)

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Size doesn't matter in a fight (well for most people it does). I learned early in life that I could send big guys packing. Twice in elementary school I sent bullies picking on me away bleeding and crying. I'm talking about kids bigger than me who were stronger and larger by a good amount and to anyone else would have been done. My father taught me in first grade that if a bully pushed you push back. If they push again punch them in the nose. I did the bigger bully true to form push and pushed again I busted his nose and he went away crying and bleeding. Again in 4th grade a big tall 6th grader was picking on another 4th grader a 4th grader who has anger issues and had fought me before but the injustice of a bigger kid picking on a smaller kid pissed me off. I went up and said pick on someone you own size and I was smaller. He pushed me. I pushed back. He pushed again I clocked him in the nose and he went away crying and bleeding teachers saw it and took him to the principals office and I had no consequences. Another time in High school some bigger taller kid with a grudge tried to fight me. He went to punch me I threw him into a fence he tried to kick me I threw him down some steps. At the end of PE he tried to punch me I moved my head and he busted his hand on the wall. Another one in high school was messing with me. I punched him so hard in the solar plexus he folded up and was gasping for air.

I've had a few fights with larger opponents and I usually walk away the winner because I fight hard. I fight dirty. But I learned if a bully tried to use his size or weight use it against him. Their always slower, bigger and they fall hard. Being smaller you have access to their center of gravity and done right you can drop them. Break their nose make them bleed, hit the solar plexus, hit the groin, poke the eyes, break the nose and throw them hard to the ground.

When big guys get in my face to intimidate me. I laugh and I'm ready to chop em down. Start with destroying knees and hitting their center of gravity. Hit them hard. Make the bleed. Make them regret touching you. If you fight like a demon to protect our angels then the devil's coming at you will be the ones injured not you. You have to have the will to fight.

“When you find yourself in a room surrounded by your enemies you should tell yourself ‘I am not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with me.” – Rorshack, the Watchman
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