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FunGee Dummy 2.0 is Here

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

After the smashing success of the Fungee Dummy. The FunGee Dummy 2.0 is here with major upgrades making it more durable, longer lasting and more functional and it is able to be shipped as a complete minimal assembly required kit or DIY Kit ;) ... And I'm considering an all Wood-Fence "FunGee" Dummy 3.0 that is easy to attach / sit / slide into a fence version that could also be easily wall mounted to be tinkered with soon... The new improved Fungee Dummy 2.0 - you can hit it full force on the head and body, has support for the head, there is tension on the arms. It is easier to set up and break down. It is covered in Heavy Duty Duct Tape that makes it fit easier, last longer and makes it more durable. This very is fully functional. I'm proud to say it's a lot more functional than the first version. Finished the Fungee Dummy tool which is easy set up and break down so we can train Mook Jong while training at the park or on the go. It has wooden dowels to give strength to the arms and bungee cord/rope to create tension and keep the arms straight. It's not a full blown wooden Mook Jong. It would never replace an actual Mook Jong but it's give some supplemental training.

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